Be the Key in your Community

Virtual and community events (VCE) are for everyone everywhere to have the opportunity to help fundraise for research, increase visibility and build friendships in their real (local) or online community. The events are referred to as “virtual” due to the common factor of being fundraising events organized online.  

Hosting an event, or finding one nearby, is not always possible. No matter how big or small, with a VCE you can be a champion in this important global work in a way that equals your ability and wellness level.  A VCE gives you the flexibility to participate, get in shape, and support the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association’s patient-centered research program, and also receive a “You Are Key” award.

Perhaps you’ll chose a virtual race with registration to run, roll, or walk all or part of a distance in multiple segments at a personal pace–or against another virtual team–around a local park with friends, or on a treadmill, or wherever, to participate in any capacity.  If that seems too much right now, you  can still earn a “You are Key” award by organizing a local event or being a team captain and finding participants for your team to raise research funding. Now more than ever before, we can make painful illnesses visible through online and local event fundraisers. Start your own VCE by clicking HERE!